About Us

We have a history of exceeding expectations.

In late 2016, two partners set out to build the best team of movers ever assembled. They wanted to guarantee clients a stress-free move at a competitive price — and to make them so happy, he’d have their business for life.

Fast-forward to today:

Century Movers has not only met those expectations in our very early days, but become an award-winning regional company sustained by the loud and happy recommendations of hundreds of happy customers.

Our people are problem-solvers. They’re also bright, enthusiastic and fun.

We start with people who are outstanding, intelligent, and highly trained. They become a team as they train together, running the steps of the Baldwin Hills stairs, representing Century Movers in local rowing competitions in Marina Del Rey, and even taking on some of Los Angeles’ best bowlers.

Working in teams, our people have the skills to communicate fully with each other and with customers, and the authority to make on-the-job decisions that ensure success.

We count on each other, and we care about getting the job done right.

We work hard to keep each other and our customers happy.

Still not convinced? Drop us a line below and one of our amazing customer success team members will get in touch shortly.